Dangerous Workplaces
Inherently Safe Industrial Lighting Solutions


Traditional lighting devices in hazardous environments can present explosion risks or premature device failure which often requires the costly shutdown of a facility for repair. Leveraging our successful shipboard remote source lighting solutionsRSL has developed and implemented an industrial remote source lighting solution for for harsh environments such as gas trubine enclosures.  

As is the conerstone of our remote source lighting technology, the electrical light souce is safely placed outside the hazardous environment to be illuminated.  The light is transmitted inside the area via optical fibers and is emitted by non-electric luminaires, eliminating 100% of the electrical hazards associated with traditional lights.  In addition, our luminaires are virtually indestructable requiring no maintenance!  This eliminates the facility shutdowns and saves on operating costs.

Our system currently has UL, IEC and several country specific electric product certifications and the CE Mark is on the way. Although we just released this product for market early 2016, we have already shipped well over 45 units to customers and have many more on order including for South Korea and Taiwan. 


Safe Industrial Lighting Solutions






RSL Fiber Systems, LLC expertise is in "fiber optics" and fiber optics technology is much more than just lighting.  RSL continues to implement and advance fiber optic technologies to solve real life problems.  We currently offers inherently safe systems including active visibility products that reduce man/machine collisions and sensing systems that leverage the fiber optic technology to monitor environmental conditions including methane gas levels and temperature

RSL will adapt and implement the solution that is right for you.


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