Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount luminaires can be itegrated into the RSL remote source lighting system.  Each flush mount luminaire can be installed with a hull pentration of as little as 0.5 inches (12mm).  Flush mount luinaires are extensively used to maintain the clean angles of the Zumwalt exterior.   


DDG 1000:  Zumwalt Class

Most of the 56 topside remote source lights are flush mount lights are considered "critical technology"
by the DDG Program Office.


RSL Flush Mount Luminaires
an be embedded directly 
in the ship's hull. 


Flush Mounted Lights Can Significantly Improve Waterline Security

Waterline security can be greatly improved by incorporating RSL flush mount luminaires to the RSL remote source lighting technology system configuration.  RSL's hull embedded, flush-mounted lights effectively illuminate the waterline including hard to reach areas such as the spaces between hulls on a multi-hull ship. The lights can be permanently installed, eliminating the tedious and dangerous task of hanging portable waterline security lights. The light engine is located within the ship's interior, facilitating maintenance and increasing the light source longevity. 


  • Permanently embedded installation reduces sailor workload and eliminates safety concerns.
  • Effective illumination patterns facilitate security.
  • Flip a swich for on/off.


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