Light Where You Need It

Safer, more productive environments by revolutionizing light technology.  

RSL Fiber Systems thrives on creating solutions to complex and dynamic illumination needs. From military ships
to manufacturing plants, our products address the critical safety and functionality demands of today’s global industry.


Precision is Everything. From light chromaticity and light pattern distribution to the unique conditions of its use, RSL Fiber Systems considers every variable to deliver the exact light needed without wasting precious lumens.

Real World Engineering. We love research, but it takes real expertise to apply it. Our holistic approach shines (pun intended) in building products that interface cleanly with adjacent systems and provide practical solutions.

Diverse Partnerships. RSL designs products for global industry and local businesses alike. Working with unique environments at varied scale only strengthens our product line technology and leverages our expertise in dynamic ways.

American Technology. We design and manufacture RSL Fiber Systems products at our Connecticut headquarters using American materials wherever possible. The result is technology comprised of at least 50% parts made in the USA (and the remaining from its allies), for a quality, durability, and manufacturing integrity we stand behind.

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