Light Engineering

Light Reimagined.

RSL doesn’t just manufacture products, we engineer and create solutions. We are the leader in remote source light engineering, having revolutionized fiber optic illumination and LED smart lighting for military and commercial industry. In fact, our lighting technology introduced the concept of removing hazardous electricity from the actual lighted area, improving safety and cost in diverse conditions.

But while we’re proud of our expertise, our practicality is integral to our success. In engineering, we find the biggest problem isn’t coming up with ideas, it is interfacing all the elements. Variables as seemingly small as the epoxy used in a component can impact functionality, and our whole-system approach anticipates that for more efficient, durable design.

Development &



Looking Forward: Adapting Technologies to Solve Future Problems

Imagination thrives in the convergence of lived experience, knowledge of systems, and pursuit of the ideal. RSL doesn’t want to re-invent the wheel—we want to leverage existing and emerging technologies to solve real problems.

While we design solutions for today’s world, we keep a vigilant eye on the future. In the not-so-distant past, it was hard to imagine lighting a hazardous environment without the risks of electricity or servicing topside lights from the safety of the ship’s cabin. But RSL is the pursuer of possibilities; we work to identify new technologic advancements and apply them in practical, safe ways. We take one of the world’s most basic and omnipresent energies— light— and find waysto harness it to solve problems.