Illumination Solutions

Light where you need it

Eliminating Wasted Light

When considering light, few people think about its color or even shape. But light isn’t one-dimensional— just as sunlight doesn’t look like candlelight, headlamps don’t shine the same as reading lamps. Light needs ideal color, shape and direction to optimize its function, something we knew and idealized in developing our original marine light technology.

Today we bring that same expertise in color, shape and direction to our lighting solutions for commercial environments. From warehouses to bridges, athletic facilities to tarmacs, RSL’s lighting systems provide the ideal conditions for safety and function. Our focus on light’s precision reduces glare, increases longevity, mitigates worker fatigue and reduces overall energy consumption because, quite simply, there is no wasted light.

Ceiling-Based Lights

Lighting for warehouses and other applications requires the right chromaticity and angle to maximize efficiency. In fact, when light is the proper color temperature and direction from above, it can reduce eye fatigue and equipment glare. And when that light is more efficient (think: lumens) it reduces the energy needed to illuminate effectively, requiring 30% fewer fixtures.

Tailored to Industry

We think our lighting solutions for commercial environments help every kind of business work better. So RSL works with industries both across the globe and just down the street to create solutions bespoke to client needs. Our Zumwalt Smart Lighting System series can be used “right out of the box” for myriad applications, but we can also modify our existing technology to solve unique lighting needs.

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