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Innovative Commercial Lighting

Military Precision for Commercial Use

The Zumwalt Smart Lighting System brings the quality and durability of stealth destroyers’ illumination systems to a wide variety of mid- and high-ceiling applications. The Zumwalt Smart Lighting System addresses modern commercial illumination needs in inventive ways including:

  • Supports most sensors and control accessories including dimming, occupancy, presence, movement, etc.
  • Compatible with 0-10V input control systems
  • Precision optical design that reduces glare and maximize efficiency
  • All-anodized aluminum construction and is fitted with a NEMA C-14 plug
  • Includes 10-year warranty

Zumwalt 100 High Bay Light

Born from mission-critical lighting on US Navy ships like the LPD 17 and DDG 1000, the Zumwalt 100 is now available for industrial commercial applications in both as both a mid bay light and high bay light. The slim design produces up to 12,000 lumens of high-quality light at 100 watts, reducing both employee eye fatigue and energy consumption.

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Zumwalt 200 High Bay Light

Zumwalt 200 High Bay Smart Commercial Lighting System

Zumwalt 300 High Bay Light

Zumwalt 400 Smart Lighting System

Reliable Support

RSL takes a total systems approach to develop and support lighting systems for our clients. We work closely to design and qualify the most effective lighting solution which could entail an existing model, a new prototype, or even the application of emergent technologies to advance lighting paradigms.  

This is the kind of stuff we get excited about.  

RSL’s operation team provides comprehensive support to include: 

  • Initial system design and installation 
  • Maintenance, repair and integrated logistics support throughout the unit’s lifecycle 
  • A comprehensive technical manual with field troubleshooting guides

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