Intrinsically Safe Illumination

Inherently Safe and Effective

Here is the safe part

The same remote source, fiber optic technology RSL provides naval fleets can help hazardous industrial spaces improve safety. With the light source (and its electricity) safely away from harsh or high-risk environments, we eliminate 100% of the electrical hazard associated with traditional lights. Indeed, even if fiber optic cables become severed or luminaires damaged, all electricity remains at the safely located source. 

From energy mining to gas turbine power plants, RSL’s hazardous location lighting solutions provide quality light when and where you need it most. 

And now for the effective part

Our lighting system provides highly-efficient light energy precisely where you need it, without spillage or glare outside the intended area. Not only is it exact, but the technology eliminates scheduled maintenance for the life of the system. RSL’s light source will retain at least 70% of full intensity after 50,000 hours, or approximately 5.7 years of continuous use.

Heat, Vibration and Acoustics Immune

With our proprietary technology, all electrical and sensitive components remain outside the hazardous area, eliminating risk of damage from vibration, acoustics, temperature and other conditions inside the enclosure. This makes units not only safer and more efficient but retain lasting quality over time despite environmental factors.

Currently, RSL’s commercial remote source lighting solutions are rated for environments up to 125°C, temperatures no other lighting device can endure. And our development continues toward even higher operating temperatures.

The current operating temperature of the illuminator is -40°C to +55°C, and some designs can operate at +60ºC upon request. Our fiber optic cables are rated to 150°C with a polymer sheath to protect external cables from weather. Additionally, luminaires placed within the environment are rated to 125°C with even higher temperatures possible.

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