Hazardous Location Lighting Systems

Light Without the
Dangers of Electricity

Safe Lighting for Hazardous Environments

Hazardous conditions require intuitive tools that are reliable in high-risk situations. That’s why we design every component of our hazardous location lighting systems to withstand the elements and maintain their ease of use in dangerous environments. A corrosion-resistant enclosure houses the RSL illuminator itself, protecting parts from water and foreign objects while flexible steel sheets protect our proprietary fiber optic cables. Easy, push-button locking hinges can position luminaires to prevent movement in high vibration environments, and we even offer magnetic bases to make light fixtures moveable.

One RSL system consists of 1 illuminator, 3 bifurcated fiber optic cable and 6 luminaires. The number of systems per enclosure depends on illumination needs.  For example, a three-story structure with 575 ft² per floor would require 4 systems (4 illuminators and 24 luminaires) for adequate task illumination in accordance with OSHA.  We work with each client to make the appropriate recommendations. 

RSL provides mounting hardware for the illuminator and luminaires, including cable clamps for the fiber optic cable assemblies, as part of the delivered systems. And, of course, full installation instructions are included. 

How it Works

With our proprietary technology, all electrical and sensitive components remain outside the hazardous area, eliminating the risk of damage from vibration, acoustics, high temperature, and other conditions found inside the enclosure. The units are not only safer and more efficient but retain lasting quality over time despite environmental factors.

RSL’s commercial remote-source lighting solutions are currently rated for installation in environments up to 125°C, and development is continuing toward even higher operating temperatures.

The current operating temperature of the illuminator (which is outside the hazardous environment) is -40°C to +55°C, and illuminators designed to operate at +60ºC are available on request. Fiber optic cables routed inside the area are rated to 150°C, and cables external to the enclosure have a protective polymer sheath. Luminaires installed within the environment are rated to 125°C.