Marine Lighting Systems

Versatile, Resilient Lighting
for Marine Environments

Light Precision at Sea

All ships need light, not just for work conditions but, very basically, for safety at sea. RSL’s marine lighting systems balance expertise in light pattern distribution and chromaticity with practical considerations like maintenance and visibility. Our unique remote source lighting technology helps control variables like electricity impact, hull protrusion, weight, and safety while delivering outstanding luminosity.

RSL’s marine lighting is inherently versatile and can be used for waterline security, access ramp areas, navigation lighting, topside lighting, mission bay lighting, and more. All our product solutions maximize efficacy and simplify maintenance to minimize Operating & Support (O&S) demands.

Navigation & Signal Lights

Reduce Rust, Size and Weight

Ships aren’t built for short-term use, so design elements like weight and component durability profoundly impact cost in maintaining sea readiness over time. In fact, the Pentagon reportedly spends $22.9 billion a year just fighting rust – almost twice the cost of a new carrier.

Designed to eliminate rust and reduce topside weight, RSL’s Navigation and Signaling Light luminaires feature thermoplastic materials without metallic parts. Because our topside systems are powered by remote light engines, their optical diffusers are 1/10 the size of conventional marine light fixtures and weigh significantly less.

Less weight + less rust-prone metal = lower maintenance cost.

No Scaffolding Necessary

When traditional marine lights require maintenance, manpower and scaffolding cost make even bulb replacement a major task. But with RSL’s proprietary remote source lighting system, the light engine remains in an conveniently located equipment area. In other words, the light source stays accessible no matter where it actually shines, making maintenance safer and easier.

No Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

RSL Navigation and Signaling light systems eliminate all electricity from the topside components. This removes the possibility of interference with sensitive topside electronics and of radio frequency emissions detectable by adversarial vessels. 

Flush Mounted Lights

Minimized Protrusions

While all ships have topside lighting, some—particularly naval ships—require an ability to lower their detectability. As detection systems become more sophisticated, light design itself impacts stealth capability because traditional bulb units may protrude from the hull.  

Originally created for the DDG 100 Zumwalt Class, RSL’s flush mounted luminaries are installed with as little as 0.5 inch (12mm) hull penetration. We are the only company in the world to install lights directly into the ship’s composite infrastructure, lowering the profile of the light units and placing the light source in a safe location. By minimizing protrusions and ensuring the unit can be serviced from inside the vessel, RSL’s remote source lighting is the leading technology for stealth fleets. 

Increased Security from the Waterline

Waterline security lights need to be manually installed every time ships are in harbor, a process which is time consuming and can make lights more prone to damage. Additionally, this installation may not even ensure adequate light coverage. RSL’s flush mounted luminaires can provide waterline security lights permanently installed in the hull, with a light pattern that eliminates vulnerable dark spots around the ship.  

Area Lighting

Reliable, Maintenance-Free Lighting

Typically used for hard-to-reach areas prone to damage, RSL’s LED area lights and ramp light luminaires are maintenance-free and virtually indestructible. While LED lights last a long time, units themselves typically require periodic inspection and cleaning– especially in salt air environments. But RSL’s proprietary luminaire units eliminate this cost and provide reliable light even in tough conditions. 

Reliable Support

RSL takes a total systems approach to develop and support lighting systems for our clients. We work closely to design and qualify the most effective lighting solution—which could entail a new prototype, adapting an existing system, or even applying new technologies which completely change lighting paradigms.  

This is the kind of stuff we get excited about.  

RSL’s operation team provides comprehensive support to include: 

  • Initial system design and installation 
  • Maintenance, repair and integrated logistics support throughout the ship’s lifecycle 
  • A comprehensive technical manual with field troubleshooting guides 
  • Spare parts and components easily found in the National Stock Number System 

Product Specifications

Our lights are USCG 72 COLREGS compliant, which means strict chromaticity, shape and distance requirements are met or exceeded. Additionally, all RSL Naval shipboard lighting systems are Mil-Spec compliant and have RINA Type Approval.

For more information on pricing, specifications or certifications, please contact our team