Marine Lighting Systems

Versatile, Resilient Lighting
for Marine Environments

Light Precision at Sea

All ships need light, not just for work conditions but, very basically, for safety at sea. RSL’s marine lighting systems balance expertise in light pattern distribution and chromaticity with practical considerations like maintenance and visibility. Our unique remote source lighting technology helps control variables like electricity impact, hull protrusion, weight, and safety while delivering outstanding luminosity.

RSL’s marine lighting is inherently versatile and can be used for waterline security, access ramp areas, navigation lighting, topside lighting, mission bay lighting, and more. All our product solutions maximize efficacy and simplify maintenance to minimize Operating & Support (O&S) demands.

Navigation & Signal Lights

Reduce Rust, Size and Weight

Ships aren’t built for short-term use, so design elements like weight and component durability profoundly impact cost in maintaining sea readiness over time. In fact, the Pentagon reportedly spends $22.9 billion a year just fighting rust – almost twice the cost of a new carrier.

Designed to eliminate rust and reduce topside weight, RSL’s Navigation and Signaling Light luminaires feature thermoplastic materials without metallic parts. Because our topside systems are powered by remote light engines, their optical diffusers are 1/10 the size of conventional marine light fixtures and weigh significantly less.

Less weight + less rust-prone metal = lower maintenance cost.